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Privacy Policy

We reserve the right to change or modify this policy as we see fit at any time without notice.

GaryHarbin.com will never sell or give out your information to any third party unless criminal action needs to be reported to the proper authority(s). Examples of things that might be reported are improper conduct such as threatening messages (I.E. threats against life, property or well being) made to staff or Gary Harbin (the subject of this website), his family or anyone connected in a personal and/or business capacity to either Gary Harbin and/or this website.

GaryHarbin.com has the right to filter any and all messages submitted to this website and will not post or forward messages containing offensive material such as offensive language, photographs, sexually oriented or violent content.

GaryHarbin.com is not responsible for any personal information that is posted on any forums, message board, chat session, or any other interactive media sponsored or linked to by this website unless it is between the author and staff. Any personal information submitted to this website, such as real name, address, phone number, social security number, sex, age, date of birth, or location or residence, unless through a secure transaction (ie: payment transaction or through communications with staff), will be the sole responsibility of the respective owner/owners.

NOTE! Your social security number will never be required for any payment transaction or communication(s) with GaryHarbin.com.

For questions regarding all legal notices and/or rules of this website please feel free to Contact Us.