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"To God Be The Glory"

“Hey Gary, was going thru some stuff I had cleaned out of a car I sold last year and found an unprinted CD so I stuck it in my laptop with headphones and it was a guy named Gary something singing God Still Answers Prayer....was a blessing. Charlie Beatenbo, Grammy Winner, Gospel & Southern Gospel Hall of Fame”

“WOW.! Not sure how else to describe. Gary your voice just flows in this CD. I listen to this every morning on my way to work, it is such an inspiration and rejoice to me and sets my tone for the day. I know that God is blessing you each and every day with your beautiful voice, but there is something about this CD, that the songs and the way that you did them reach out and touch me. I know they will do this for everyone who listens. I love you. Thanks so much for the CD. Keep them coming. Rhonda H, GA”

“Greetings, While I was a guest speaker at a camp meeting, I was introduced to an anointed singer Gary Harbin. Brother Harbin along with The Dixie Melody Boys, The Anchormen & Three Bridges blessed us each night and glory fell. My dear brother Gary, sings for the Lord and puts his heart into it and has a wonderful voice. He is one of the loved singers I have met in my life of vocation ministry. If you ever get a chance to hear him... Go.! I promise; you will be Blessed. Dr. Donald Jones, Special Asst. to President of National Baptist Convention, USA”

“Brother Gary, AWESOME CD and GREAT BLESSING!!!!! I was playing your latest CD and everyone began singing along! GOD and you knocked it out of the park with this one!!! Can't wait to share with the world! :D)) Keep Praising the HOLY Name of JESUS!!! love..DeAnna Martin, Owner: Praising His Name radio station”

“It gives me great joy to affirm and recommend the ministry of Brother Gary Harbin. His singing is rich and full of The Glory of God, his love for Jesus is obvious. Brother Gary presents the Gospel in a earnest and entertaining way through song. At our last Zion's Annual Jubilee we had many decisions for Christ and were blessed nightly with Top Flight Vocational Music Ministries; Gary certainly added to the musical inspiration of that Jubilee. He just came in and became part of Zion church. I and the entire congregation of Zion Baptist of Madison Run Virginia, whole heartedly recommend this Dear Brother to any Gospel event you may have. You will be "Blessed". Dr. Daryl W. Harbin, Senior Pastor: Zion Baptist of Madison Run ”

“Listen Up.! A National Recording Artist and close bro and friend Gary Harbin! If you haven't had the pleasure to have Gary, guys YOUR church and/or event is missing out! If you are looking for talent and real gospel singing! Look NO further! NewRoad2, Award Winning National Recording Artists, TN”

“Hi Gary!!! Great job! You have a very smooth Southern Country sound. I hope we can work with you at Daywind someday. God Bless You. Rick Schweinsberg, Nashville, TN”

“Bro Gary, We have a sad situation here. My little wife of 49 yrs is now in Hospice with Stage 4 COPD. Had a bad night last night, but God got us thru it. She is hoping to make it till our 50th Wedding Anniversary in Oct. She was my pen pal while I was in the army during the war. BUT a word about your song, It’s A Beautiful Morning, that is our daily theme song here. She says that one of these mornings will be the most beautiful of them all, when she sees JESUS in person. Our son who is in the military plays this song first thing in the morning to his men as they start their day with God in mind. So you see you are well known in our family. May God bless you in all your ministry, as it blesses so many in Christ. Joe S., TX”

“Beautiful Christian songs & vocals, you are a very gifted & talented artist Gary, keep up the truly wonderful work, you are amazing! God Bless you! My very best wishes to you... Rob Hunt, Reading, UK #2 ReverbNation Classical Artist, Reading, UK”

“I have three songs on Brother Gary Harbin's new album, "Unconditional Love" and I am past just being pleased with it--- I love what he did with my songs. Mercy Fell Like Rain, He Said He Would and Your Hand In Mine are songs God gave me and I'm very glad to have met this dear brother, whose heart is in ministry. All the songs on this album will bless your heart. Bud Atkinson, Renowned Gospel Songwriter, GA”

“Thanks Gary, I really liked the new album. God is really blessing me through your singing. I love you, Ralph Hult, MO”

“Dear Gary, I love to hear you sing, your voice is so uplifting and easy to listen to. God gave you a beautiful gift and I'm so blessed to have been able to hear and see you. I love and care for you with all my heart, God bless you very much. Gary please keep up with the glorious music. Pam L., VA”

“Thank u. Your new CD is amazing.! :-D)) Me and Brian fight over it in our cars. We love u and I was wondering if you would sing Amazing Grace at our ceremony? April C. GA”

“Christian Voice charting you on 21 stations, which is OUTSTANDING for the first month out !!! So yes, go onward to next month and follow the numbers. Talk with you soon. Mary Lu Gregg, VA”

“How Long Has It Been? Beautiful song Gary and truly a wonderful message and you sing it great, love your voice!!!...Jack McCoy, FL”

“Hi Gary, Just wanted to let you know I really enjoyed the CD! It was a blessing to me during a time when I needed it most! I was not feeling very well the past couple of days. I listened to it over and over. It helped me to rest. A comfort as it were. Are you Irish by any chance? You have that Irish tone in your voice, very soothing. I will absolutely be playing your CD on PHN. Love, DeA PHN Radio! GA”

“You have a very unique and gifted voice, very easy to listen to. Thank you for making it possible to listen and enjoy. Love In Christ, Cynthia S., TX”

“Gary, Good music. May God continue blessing your ministry through song!!!! Meg N.”

“WOW!!! What an awesome message you are singing about. Praise the Lord for the many answers to prayer. Jesus L., OH”

“"It's A Beautiful Morning" If your feeling down listen to this please! Glenna R., IN”

“Gary, I could listen to these all day! Marcie D., KS”

“Beautiful Song...Thank You For Sharing. Wyona B., MO”

“Oh I love this song "It's A Beautiful Morning" God bless you, Gary. Sharon R., ID”

“What great way to start each day-thanks for brightening my day. Jo L., TX”

“What sunshine in my day, thank you. Ida S.”

“I love to listen to this first thing every morning. Barbara L., FL”

“Gary, Thank you so much for the beautiful song, it was an inspiration for me, I thank him when I wake up every morning, I know I am blessed. Ellen K., IN”

“Please Can You Get This Song.Posted on.Why GOD Group!!! THANK YOU Awesome Song Voice Praise You Father God humbly. Vivian L., FL”

“That was a great song. It's truly a beautiful day. It really blessed my heart and soul. Barbara B.”

“This is just what we all NEED to HEAR. Wonderful!! Uplifting! Inspiring! Marie K.”

“Loved this song, lifted my spirit, Thanks for sharing. You are truly blessed. God Bless you. Mamie O., NC”

“You have an awesome voice brother, thanks for sharing. Blessings and joy to you and your family. Izetta T., OH”

“Love this beautiful song, a wonderful reminder to appreciate this day. Arlene L., ME”

“Very uplifting & I love Country Gospel music . Blessings to you. Shirley S., FL”

“Awesome song thank u for sharing this with us all god bless !!! Candy B., TN”

“Loved it all, how wonderful,and a beautiful morning and a beautiful day, the LORD hath made... Virginia G., KY”

“Great song and singing, wonderful day, thanks for sharing. Doris F., FL”

“Great way to begin your day!!! Thank you Gary!! Long time - no see!!! Ann U., GA”

“Beautiful morning.... Beautiful song.... beautifully done! Mary W., OK”

“I love this song. Thank you for sharing beautiful morning.. God Bless... Beth M.”

“This is so Beautiful. What a Wonderful day. Beautiful morning. God Bless you. Hazel J.”

“Gary thank you so much for that wonderful beautiful song. It blessed me so much. God bless you. Love to hear you sing. Glenna L.”

“I love Country Gospel. Sharing It's a Beautiful Morning with my friends. Theresa D., TN”

“It's A Beautiful Morning, Beautiful song & beautiful voice! Judy S., GA”

“I really needed this today. It is a beautiful morning. Gail G.”

“Hey I love this kind of music. Anna B., KY”

“What a melodic voice. Not my style but, man! you blessed my heart. Darlene P., WI”

“God Bless you as you keep singing to Glorify Him! G. M.”

“Brother Gary, The CD arrived today, we put it in the player, sat back, relaxed, and got blessed by a wonderful selection of gospel music done superbly. Thank you for thinking about us; we appreciate the CD very much. Ron H. VA”

“Hi there Gary, Wanted you to know we got CD today and listened to it thank you so much it was truly a blessing hearing you sing...Love you, April Cantrell, GA”

“Gary,I listened to your songs. I was blessed and touched. God bless you! Ann G. AL”

“What a nice surprise. That was so thoughtful of you to send us those beautiful songs. We will get much enjoyment from them. Bob M. GA”

“Gary, THANK YOU SO MUCH. You have a wonderful and blessed talent. I am so happy to see you using it and serving us with the Lord’s message. It is a blessing to me and I thank you for it. I enjoyed each and every one and will enjoy listening whenever I want or need a blessing, which is most of the time. Love, Rhonda H., GA”

“Thanks Gary. I'm listening to your song right now! So beautiful! :)...Fran G. SC”

“Gary, These are the best Christian/Gospel songs I think I've ever heard. TY for sharing your gift! Fran Schultz, #1 ReverbNation Classical Artist, Howell, NJ”

“I'm singing with your CD...it's awesome. Thank you so very much. I have made one CD; but I have not sung since my husband died in 2012 until today...God bless you. Joanne W.,FL”

“WHAT A DAY THAT WILL BE SO Wonderful,,,Your voice is beautiful too,, Love it all... Bonnie McGill, #1 ReverbNation Country Songwriter Artist, West Lorne, ON, CA”

“Build My Mansion.,,,,,super awesome. "In my father's house there are many mansions"....this is truth. Stay blessed. Greg Ashton Haze, #15 ReverbNation Rock Artist, Charlotte, NC”

“Gary, Beautiful, beautiful, Christian songs; shining on the path to Heaven; leading the way!!! Precious... Kevin Nevel, #1 ReverbNation Country Artist, Burlington, NC”

“Absolutely beautiful & comforting. Shalom & Much Love, MiYah, #1 ReverbNation Spiritual Artist, Knoxville, TN”

“I enjoyed listening to What A Day That Will Be A song to worship too. God bless, Chosen The Disciple, #1 ReverbNation Christian/Gospel Artist, Long Beach, CA”

“You were created to be a blessing.. thanks for being a blessing! keep blazin! Jefell, #7 ReverbNation Christian Artist, Syracuse, NY”

“Greetings ...Excellent music Gary! This music is very inspirational brother! The Time Bomb, #2 ReverbNation Rock Artist, Oyster Bay, NY”

“Thanks for sharing your beautiful music. May God continue to bless your ministry! Noteworthy Christian Music, #2 ReverbNation Christian/Gospel Artist, Durham, NC”

“I love it ! This takes me back to great gospel I experienced when I was a child ! David Chamberlain, #1 ReverbNation Country/Western Artist, Oklahoma City, OK”

“What a great way to start my Sunday morning - with your amazing worship songs. Leanne Felzien, #1 ReverbNation Spiritual Artist, Meridian, ID”


“Had a listen to -What a day that will be- and really enjoyed the song, nice arrangement, melody, fab voice, terrific lyrics and wonderful Gospel style..good stuff!..your new friend dean..blessings and peace! Dean Jablonski, #1 ReverbNation Singer-Songwriter Country Artist, Georgina, ON, CA”

“Love it! Princess J., WI”

“Nice style. Eric B.”

“Smooth... Delores I.”

“Good old fashion gospel, its what I grew up on-thanks for the memories! Megumi N.”

“I actually like this song and the version that Gary Harbin does. Gloria H.”


“Truly anointed by God. Thank you so much for the blessings. Sue Cauwell, GA”

“Great to hear the old gospel. Jeff A.”

“Everyone needs a closer walk with him, thank you. Liz K.”

“Makes me feel really strengthened. J. K.”

“God still answers prayers! Omega”

“Beautiful track! Sipho K.”

“That was a BLESSING brother Gary.Thanks....Marlin D.”

“Very easy to listen to. Des C.”

“Inspiring music...Pasay P.”

“Hi brother, thank you for shareing your gospel song may Jesus bless you and all that sang with you and HAPPY NEW YEAR 2014...Rebekah D.”

“U are great I enjoyed listening to ur songs God bless u...Theresa A.”


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